Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wedding :: Jessica & Chris :: McCall, Idaho

Jessica and Chris had initially reserved the chapel at Tamarack Resort for their wedding celebration and had to completely change gears about six months ago when Tamarack went belly up into foreclosure! They both did a great job, stuck with McCall, Idaho, and found beautiful Jug Mountain Ranch as their venue. Jessica had her hair and makeup done at Spa Del Sol, then headed to Jug Mountain to set up with their wedding party. Everything went off without a hitch and it was great working for these two! Here are some photos from their day....

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Destination Wedding :: Clara & Gabriel :: Isla Mujeres, Mexico

I love asking couples how they met. Of all the couples I've asked, Clara & Gabriel's first encounter has been the most amazing...

Gabriel and Clara worked for the same company while they lived in San Francisco--only they worked on different floors and in different departments. Basically, only payroll connected the two of them together. Clara had put in her notice that she was leaving the company and on her last day of work she and Gabriel entered the same elevator together; remember, they'd never met before. I don't know the specifics, whether they simply said, "Hello," or if this chance encounter had more substance? Regardless, they got off at their different floors and went to work for the day. Here is where it get's good! Chance had it that they both entered the same elevator on the way down at the end of the day. Chance also had it as they both had suitcases with them and were both headed for SFO! On the way down they struck up conversation, decided to share a cab to the airport, exchanged digits along the way--and the rest is history! I love it--perfect. The only other thing that is so incredible is that on the day Gabriel proposed to Clara, they were treated to a spectacular sunset. Then, as you'll see on this post--another sunset blessed them on their wedding day!

Photographing Clara & Gabriel's wedding day down on Isla Mujeres was magical. The day started out overcast and by 2pm the clouds had opened up with monsoonal rain showers. I found myself with the incredible task of holding an umbrella in one hand and photographing with the other! Clara & Gabriel never missed a beat and kept such a great attitude throughout the downpour. Miraculously, the clouds parted with less than an hour before their ceremony and as mentioned, everyone was treated to a spectacular sunset. The party kept on till Zama's closed down with folks partying for about 5 hours!

Ok, ok, I'm a photographer--enough of these words, here are some photos!