Monday, July 30, 2007

Wedding :: Monica & John :: Sun Valley, Idaho

I don't know if Monica and John's wedding was such a blast to photograph because of all the great people, the fact that Monica accidentally kicked her shoe into the Duck Pond during the ceremony, how John's dad gave the groomsmen a full military line inspection, or the great dancing that involved incredible air guitar solos at the end of the night? All I know is that Monica and John's wedding was about as fun as they get! Here is a slideshow I built for them:
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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Guest at a Wedding!

This last weekend I was a guest at a friends wedding! It was wierd driving up to the gig knowing I wasn't going to be their photographer. All the same, I had a camera around my neck the entire night! I even stole my friends away for a few portraits (see below).

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wedding :: Andrea & Justin :: Redfish Lake, Stanley, Idaho

Andrea and Justin snagged me for their 7.7.2007 wedding early in the year. I am glad they did. These two were all smiles all day long. They were married on the shore of Redfish lake and then had a very simple reception with dutch oven cooking at a campsite. Not having a tent or cabin as backup, Andrea and Justin received a bit of luck with the weather--it was warm, bluebird skies, and little wind...when I returned home that night (60 miles south) I found out that a strong wind storm had blown through and knocked huge branches off trees!

Wedding :: Amanda & Alex :: Bellevue, Idaho

My first hometown wedding was photographed on June 30th! I've been shooting weddings for 5 years now and this was the first time I have not had to drive out of town.

Amanda and Alex grew up here in the Wood River Valley. They now live in Boise, but decided to return to be married on a ranch owned by one of their good friends grandparents. These two hired me to photograph them getting ready, their formal portraits, and then their ceremony. Amanda got ready at Carries in Hailey while Alex was getting ready with his dad at a friends house. After I had photographed their ceremony, had said goodbye, and was driving away I remembered an portrait I wanted to capture of these two in the hay field just past their ceremony site. So, I drove back, threw them in the car, and we got a few more great images!

Wedding :: Deb and Ferd :: Stanley, Idaho

Deb and Ferd were married in front of the Meditation Chapel in Stanley, Idaho, on June 29th. They hired me for just a few hours to capture their wedding celebration which consisted of about 20 of their close family members and friends. We had a great time cruising around Stanley and Redfish Lake taking photos.