Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Battling Blindness

I've just spent four days with six Iraqi war Veterans who have come to Sun Valley to participate in Sun Valley Adaptive Sport's "Snow Camp." Please log on to my site, to view more of the story under the "Essay" category.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wedding :: Mary Ann & Steve :: The Linen Building, Boise

Mary Ann and Steve's wedding was yesterday. They were married in Boise at the Linen Building--a very cool building that was completely retrofitted and refinished about two years ago. Mary Ann got ready right across the street at the Modern Hotel (which also has a great bar); Steve was just two blocks down the street at Hotel 43. Here are some photos...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good Snow

Ketchum and the mountains to the North have been hit with quite a few back-to-back storms over the past few weeks. This recent load of 2+ feet of snow made for pretty high avalanche conditions. Luckily, the avalanche potential has begun to settle a bit. So, Christopher Cook and I headed to Galena Pass yesterday to pick our way through the avy prone slopes in order to make some safe turns on more stable terrain. Still, on our approach hike we looked South and saw a large slide on Titus Peak that had recently occured. After one NNE slope "whomped" on us, we tried a WSW slope which proved more stable! Christopher has competed in some of the Extreme Telemark competitions around the West as well as up in Alaska. He dropped a small rock--but made it into a 30' air! Here are some pics from yesterday:

PS. Powder Magazine's website picked this story up and is online

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Wedding :: Kami & Chris :: Hailey, Idaho

This past December, I received a call asking if I was available to photograph an elopement in early January. I had never photographed one before and agreed. I met up with Kami and Chris yesterday afternoon amidst the largest snow storm we've had in our valley this winter! These two flew out from St. Louis on a business trip and decided to elope here in Hailey. Their wedding followed the rule, "Less is More!" Chris and Kami's ceremony was elegant in its simplicity and just as full of emotion as any other. Shortly after they became Husband and Wife, we plowed through Hailey's snow covered streets to some different locations for a few portraits and then parted ways at DiVine, the local wine bar.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Winter Engagement with Matt & Kari

Today, I met up with Matt and Kari who have hired me for their June 20th wedding. When we talked last week about shooting their engagment photos, they mentioned not wanting to take much time so they could get out skiing in the afternoon. I mentioned that we all should just get out skiing after some photos around town! And that's just what happened. We started at their favorite coffee shop, Java on 4th, and then headed around town, up to the Lake Creek trails, then to Baldy to hit the slopes. It was such a treat to get to know these great people while riding chairs lifts and then having a blast making turns.

Some pics...