Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wedding :: Paulina & Quinn :: Hailey, Idaho

On Saturday, March 17th, St. Patricks day, Quinn and Paulina were married at their family home on a warm and sunny spring day up East Fork Canyon which lies just North of Hailey, Idaho. 60 guests from all over the world attended their ceremony and reception. Silver Fox Catering was hired to serve a five course dinner including gourmet soup, salad, lobster tail and tenderloin, and a crepe desert bar!

The people were grand, the food was great, and the music was lively--all had an incredible time.

**Images have been removed**

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hand Held at Dawn

I had a scary dream last night. I don't remember how it happened, but in my dream I found my camera somehow completely filled with water and when I empied it gallons poured out of the lens mount. Funny as dreams go, the lens was totally dry, intact. I think I need a Psychologist to analyze this one!

This morning as I poured my first cup of Joe, I peered out the window to find a crescent moon rising over Lookout Mountain. Remembering my dream, I thought I should grab my Canon 5D and the new 70-200mm 2.8L IS USM lens I bought to make sure the dream was in fact--just a dream. So, I stood at the end of walk for these images. The camera was fine!
I thought I would post these as an illustration of what is possible with this gear regarding hand held images.

The camera settings are at their extremes: ISO-3200, f/2.8, 1/125 of a second. Still, the image isn't too bad and even at 1/125 of a second you can still see a few of the craters on the moon in the second image (click on the image to enlarge).

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Scott & Stephanie

A few months back I was contacted by Stephanie and Scott regarding their upcoming Lake Tahoe wedding. We both were really excited for the chance to work together. Unfortunately, a few weeks went by before they had settled on their date in which time I had taken a reservation for their day. I was bummed.

To my incredible suprise--Scott and Stephanie were able to push their wedding day back one week so I could be their photographer! I still cannot believe this fact and the compliment it serves.

Today, this wonderful couple came up to the Wood River Valley for an engagement shoot. We hit it off immediately and had a blast touring the southern part of the valley.

I'm very much looking forward to their September wedding. I'm grateful to know these two wonderful people!

Williams Family Reunion

I've been shooting family portraits using an off camera softbox lately and liking the results. This shoot of the Williams family reunion was done on the back porch of their family home. The day we had scheduled ended up being overcast and drab, but thanks to the softbox I was able to add a nice bit of contrast and make the colors pop!

The images of the kids were done using natural light.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Road Trip

My wife spent a week in Philadelphia as a chaperone for a high school Model United Nations field trip--I decided to spend the week visiting family and friends in California (ie. get a little help with the kids)!

We celebrated my daughter's third birthday with her two great-grandmas, spent time in my sister's recording studio listing to her bass player lay down his track for their upcoming album, and spent a few days in the Sierra with my friend Nate and his family. It was a good trip.

Above image: An abandoned "GAS" Station in Nevada.

3rd B-day!

Recording the Bass Track

Paige Feeling the Vibe

Highway 89 South Between Truckee and Tahoe City

Stormy Day Landscape
Nate & Cole



Claudia & Lilly

Skiing Backcountry during a "sunny-sucker-spot" in the storm

Lake Tahoe

Nate wishing we'd chosen the Sierra Crest!

Aspen Forest we skied by on the tour