Thursday, March 1, 2007

Road Trip

My wife spent a week in Philadelphia as a chaperone for a high school Model United Nations field trip--I decided to spend the week visiting family and friends in California (ie. get a little help with the kids)!

We celebrated my daughter's third birthday with her two great-grandmas, spent time in my sister's recording studio listing to her bass player lay down his track for their upcoming album, and spent a few days in the Sierra with my friend Nate and his family. It was a good trip.

Above image: An abandoned "GAS" Station in Nevada.

3rd B-day!

Recording the Bass Track

Paige Feeling the Vibe

Highway 89 South Between Truckee and Tahoe City

Stormy Day Landscape
Nate & Cole



Claudia & Lilly

Skiing Backcountry during a "sunny-sucker-spot" in the storm

Lake Tahoe

Nate wishing we'd chosen the Sierra Crest!

Aspen Forest we skied by on the tour