Sunday, January 13, 2008

Good Snow

Ketchum and the mountains to the North have been hit with quite a few back-to-back storms over the past few weeks. This recent load of 2+ feet of snow made for pretty high avalanche conditions. Luckily, the avalanche potential has begun to settle a bit. So, Christopher Cook and I headed to Galena Pass yesterday to pick our way through the avy prone slopes in order to make some safe turns on more stable terrain. Still, on our approach hike we looked South and saw a large slide on Titus Peak that had recently occured. After one NNE slope "whomped" on us, we tried a WSW slope which proved more stable! Christopher has competed in some of the Extreme Telemark competitions around the West as well as up in Alaska. He dropped a small rock--but made it into a 30' air! Here are some pics from yesterday:

PS. Powder Magazine's website picked this story up and is online

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Baldwin said...

Looks like great skiing! Wish I could be there with you.