Monday, April 2, 2007

Spring Break

One of the many benefits of having a school teacher as your wife is Spring Break. This year we spent a week camping at San Elijo State Beach just outside Encinitas, California, with our friends Joel, Elizabeth, and their son Wylie. Our friends had spent Xmas break at San Elijo, but none of us had been to this spot and neither of our two children had ever been to the beach before!

The drive down took about 20 hours which involved way too many potty breaks, a projectile vomiting child, setting up a new tent in the dark (for the first time), and a small taste of Southern California traffic. All things considered, arriving at the beach and feeling fine grains of white sand in our toes made the long journey worth the work.

The surf was good, then too big, then good, then real small. The ladies got out on some bike rides and soaked up the sun. The kids couldn't have cared less that sand made its way into every nook and cranny! We met up with old friends from high school, my older sister, parents, and missed out on seeing a few other friends.

I've put 18 images here from our 4 cumulative days of driving and five days on the beach. I highly recommend heading to San Elijo State Beach for a vacation--it is a very fun place to play.

Cheers, -Craig

Abandoned Springs South of Jackpot, NV.

Potty Break

Don't leave home without the lawnmower!

13 months and already driving--yikes.

Joel, "Master Roaster" setting a bad example

I admit it, I love Andy Goldsworthy.

A new way to look for tidal creatures!

Every nook & cranny

Stormy Sunset

The (Loud) Train

Kids love Trains

Strange spot for a bus stop

Kevin, myself, & Tony--The "Threesome"

San Elijo Guard Tower


Last minute of sun

A shot of me for future posterity