Monday, May 21, 2007

The Pirates of San Diego

Arghhh, Matey! I was hired to photograph a private 50th birthday celebration which was held on San Diego's Star Of India--the world's oldest navigable sailing ship. The event planners did a magnificent job with their Pirate theme by having all the staff in Pirate attire and hiring actors to perform a Pirate attack which began with another vessel, The Californian, blasting its cannons! The Californian was the ship which Russel Crowe's Master & Commander was filmed.
After a five course meal with views of the incredible San Diego Skyline, the guests went below decks to enjoy desserts prepared by Elizabeth Falkner, founder of Citizen Cake which is located in San Francisco. Elizabeth's creativity also included a topless model painted in chocolate to help serve her interactive dessert: guests were asked to put on latex gloves and then dig into a chocolate "treasure box" filled with marshmallows, pretzels, more chocolate. After picking out the loot, guests could then eat their treasure off the glove! Guests also enjoyed a DJ spinning some great tunes for the dance floor, both a full bar and champaign bar, and lounge! The package I put together for my client included the talents of my friend Brett Butterstein, so be sure to check out his Blog for more photos.