Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wedding :: Rachel and Larry :: Stanley, Idaho

Every wedding is a destination wedding. For me, living in the Rockies, I often only think of a destination wedding as one on the Yucatan Peninsula or in Costa Rica--somewhere tropical. For the East Coast crew that Rachel and Larry brought out, my favorite "Idaho Rocky Mountain Ranch" was their destination wedding. The picturesque mountains, rushing Salmon River, soothing hot springs, and the dusty small town of Stanley set the backdrop for their wedding weekend. It was a wedding that brought people together and gave them time to get to know one another--it was also a great party. Congratulations Larry & Rachel!

Friday evening:

The Great Muzzie Braun played all weekend

Sunset over the Sawtooths

Wedding Day:

Rise & shine/git yer ass outta bed for a hike!

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