Monday, January 25, 2010

Engaged :: Kristin & Trent :: Boise, Idaho

I am nearly certain I have said this before--one of the most interesting and fun parts of my job is learning about how couples meet. There are three characters to this story: Kristin, Bride to be; Trent, Groom to be; and Andrea, Kristin's best friend and Maid Of be.

Act one: Andrea randomly meets Trent while detoured at a breakfast en route to the Boise airport.
Act two: Andrea calls Kristin and tells her she has just met Kristin's future husband.
Act three: It is three months after Andrea's phone call to Kristin, Halloween night in Downtown Boise, Idaho. Kristin eyes Trent. Trent eyes Kristin. Andrea says, "That is the guy I told you about, the one you are going to marry!"
Act four: The rest is history!

Kristin grew up in Idaho and Trent in California, they both attended rival Universities in Idaho. Kristin and Trent currently live in California and return to Idaho as often as possible. They chose the small mountain town of McCall, Idaho, for their summer wedding as it represents them well: their love of adventures on rivers and in the mountains, their optimism, and it'll bring their families and friends into a beautiful setting. Here are some images from their December 27th, Boise engagement session.

Side note: While Andrea is Kristin's Maid of Honor, Kristin is going to be Andrea's--and I'm lucky enough to be photographing both weddings!

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Kristin Cheatwood said...

Craig! These images are sensational! I especially love the first one.