Saturday, March 13, 2010

Grand Cayman :: Kristin & Howie :: Day One

I flew down to Grand Cayman yesterday to photograph Kristin & Howie's destination wedding. Arriving on Grand Cayman is incredibly easy and it's almost like you've never left the States, in that English is the language and the USD is accepted. I hit the ground running--within an hour of landing, their wedding planner Danielle, of Crystal Blue Wedding Studio, whisked us off on a tour of Seven Mile Beach and some favorite spots. After a fun rehearsal dinner, the crew went to Coconut Joe's for some drinks. In the few hours I have been with Kristin, I can tell you she is a very fun ball of fire--and last night she was the life of the party!

Today is wedding day and I'm about to get going, but, thought I'd share a few images from yesterday...

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Danielle Cococcia said...

These are great!!! Can't wait to see the wedding day photos!