Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Wedding :: Stephanie & Scott :: Lake Tahoe

Scott & Stephanie grew up on opposite sides of Lake Tahoe; Scott was in Nevada & Stephanie in California. So, it was only appropriate that they meet half way and be married on the Lake!

Their day started at the Mont Bleu Hotel at Stateline. From there a limo took the girls to the Safari Rose, an eighty foot yacht, for the 2 hour cruise where Scott & Steph's ceremony was held. Once back, we piled back in the limo and cruised through the Hope Valley en route to Garderville and Scott's folks ranch for the reception. The Sierra Nevada was in good form and its nickname held true, "The Range Of Light" was spectacular.

Scott and Stephanie put together such an amazing day--it was definitely a reflection of how genuine these two people are.

Some photos...

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful job on Scott & Steph's wedding day! You are an artist....
Thank you!
Val Prather
Scott's Mom