Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wedding :: Sarah & Kendall :: Monterrey & Carmel, California

Originally, I was hired to photograph Kendall & Sarah's wedding here in Ketchum. About month ago our valley experienced a wildfire that ended up burning close to 50,000 acres of forest to the west of Ketchum. No structures were lost nor was anyone hurt--it was an amazing fight.

During the fire Kendall and Sarah called to tell me that they had a change of plans--they didn't want to risk being surrounded by smokey hills and they were going to be married elsewhere. Two weeks after their cancellation, they asked if I would come down to Monterrey, California, as their wedding photographer!

What a great choice they made--Monterey was 65 degrees and sunny while Ketchum was cold and snowy!

Kendall & Sarah's ceremony was held at the Rocky Point Restaurant which lies above a seaside cliff 10 miles south of Carmel. It could have the best view on the west coast. After the ceremony, Kendall wanted to get down near the cliffs edge for portraits--I had the same idea! I have to say that Sarah is one of the toughest brides I have photographed, she navigated steep hillsides, around poison oak, though boulders, and walked right next to 150' cliffs for portraits. Extreme wedding photography! It was probably a bit much to ask and do, but we did get some awesome images.

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Deb said...

Craig, I can't begin to tell you how great it was to have you there with us. We could easily adopt you into our clan. You have a special ability to capture the emotion of the moment. Thanks so much.