Saturday, March 8, 2008

Two Crazy

A few years back, I met a lady at a kiddo play date. She had a one year old little boy and was pregnant with #2. After we figured out our kids shared the same birthdate and I told her that my wife was pregnant as well--with a due date within a week of hers, we laughingly asked what each other's anniversary date was with the weird feeling that we'd be seeing each other in the delivery room up in Ketchum in a few months.

Coincidentally, our strange premonition became reality! Our second born children were delivered only 8 hours apart (closer than the first set, but on different days). Yes, we do have photos of the ladies together in the hospital.

Tonight, we celebrated the 2nd birthday of our youngest kids. Here are a few pics of the gift opening ceremony...

My Mr. Potato Head

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Craig - It's Gale, Stephanie's Mom, and I have always been amazed at the similarities your families have. It really is "two crazy", but I'm sure you all really enjoy how much this allows you to share your lives together. I'm glad you have each other. Much joy to you and your family (along with mine) in the coming years. Thanks for sharing.