Friday, April 4, 2008

April Fools

April Fools--fools in love! Matt and Rene hired me a few months ago to shoot their upcoming September wedding which will be held at Redfish Lake Lodge. They came to Idaho this week for some wedding planning, skiing, and to visit with family. When we talked about their visit, we decided it would be best to shoot their engagement photos while on a backcountry ski tour. These two met while working at the San Francisco Patagonia store which is where they still live. Rene and Matt both love the outdoors and it was great to meet them in their element while on a tour in the mountains North of Ketchum. Rene's sister, Amy, went on the tour today as well--it was her first backcountry ski experience! On they way back to town, we pulled over at a old camp for some non-skiing photos.

April Fools for the snow conditions today as well. Though it is April 4th, we had great powder up in the Smokey Mountains. Here are some images...


Anonymous said...


It's rare to say that pictures do justice to such an amazing day...but I gotta hand it to you! Thanks again for such a blast.

Really looking forward to Sept :)


Brett Butterstein said...

Hey Craig,
I like the second to last shot.
Looks like it was a fun one