Sunday, May 4, 2008


Last night I met up with Jeremy and Erika at their wedding spot to check out areas where the ceremony and reception might be held. Yesterday marked fourteen weeks before their wedding and seven before the Summer Solstice. So, all things being equal, the sun's positions yesterday should be in a similar spot to that of their wedding day.

Both of their folks met up as well at the ranch that their long time family friend, Cindy Ward, has graciously offered for their celebration. I stole Jeremy and Erika away for a few minutes to catch a couple of portraits. It'll also be fun to look back on some of the other photos and compare them with those from the wedding on 8.8.08--especially if they clean up and use the pole barn, which currently has an RV, sailboat, camper, Honda, and other miscellaneous ranch equipement!

Where's the sun? A bit overcast yesterday!

Cindy helping make the decision making process a little easier.

The pole barn on 5.3.08

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Erika and jeremy said...

These pictures are FABULOUS!!!! we all love them. What a wonderful surprise to not only have you there but these pictures really are amazing!!!!
thank you so much